Also sometimes I really hate Tumblr


Sometimes I just want to come on here to look at stupid Gundam pictures and Star Trek stuff. Sometimes I don’t want to think about race issues or “privilege” or how shitty the world is. :\

This is a textbook example of just what privilege is, which is one thing, but the scare quotes around “privilege” is what pushes this into shithead territory. You hate Tumblr for allowing important conversations to occur? Excuse your silencing self. 

You know, you can use the “unfollow” button and Tumblr Savior to protect your precious sensibilities from being confronted with reality (ironically if I wasn’t reading on my phone, I wouldn’t even have seen this post because “gundam” is on my blocklist). Your ability to do so is a prerogative that you have, and one that you might need to exercise for your own self-care. But your ability to ignore how shitty the world is, even just for awhile? Is a reflection of your level of privilege. 

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