Sometimes I just want to come on here to look at stupid Gundam pictures and Star Trek stuff. Sometimes I don’t want to think about race issues or “privilege” or how shitty the world is. :\

This is a textbook example of just what privilege is, which is one thing, but the…

FYI, I make use of my unfollow button all the fucking time. I suggest perhaps that you do the same.

FYI, there’s something called the “tone argument” that is a logical fallacy that serves to silence people in service of upholding hierarchical oppression. Your posts right now are a textbook example of it. Also, “straw man argument”. I mean, if you think that the way that I called you out was saying that you “don’t have the right to complain about anything ever because of the color of [your] skin and the genitals [you] possess” or “solely because [you are] a white female” than you are either being intentionally obtuse or lack reading comprehension, which I know you don’t. 

I’m not particularly in the habit of calling out, really, especially when it’s a complete stranger and someone who is obviously beyond help. That’s something I do for MY self-care. In this case, you are someone that I respect, despite the fact that I believe you hold some wrong-headed opinions that are detrimental to other people since they serve to uphold oppression. That being the case, I decided to engage in conversation that YOU started. I’m sorry that you take it as a personal attack when it’s actual just a criticism of the social structures that you hold dear and not so coincidentally just happen to benefit you. But, just FYI, social justice ISN’T bullshit even when it hurts your precious fee fees and your precious fee fees are not more important than the struggle for equality. Sorry if the truth hurts. 

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