I am so upset right now

I just found out that Julia Child’s kitchen exhibit at the Smithsonian Museum is closed for renovations. That was one of the things at the very top of the “While I’m in DC checklist” (already went to Ben’s Chili Bowl, fingers crossed for an Obama sighting) so I’m utterly decimated by this news.

Julia (we’re on a first name basis) is one of my biggest heroes for so very many fucking reasons and I was so so so looking forward to getting to be in proximity to her shine and trying to steal some for myself while I was here. Boo-urns.

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Me dancing in front of a mirror.

Me dancing in front of a mirror.

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I’ve got to play a raucous game of Banagrams and eat some ice cream, so I’ll make this short. 

Those intense feelings of anger and upset you feel when you think about how visible my fat body is in that outfit picture, are not, and will never be about, your concern about my quality of life or my ability to suck the world dry of resources in order to sustain this offensive lifestyle you’ve assumed I have.

Those feelings are about you and the suffocating reality of self loathing. Its a dark place to be in and I am not mad at you

Take a good look at how you and I live and love. Understand that I was in your shoes once in my life too and then remind yourself that your words don’t mean enough to me to change. 

I’m living the life over here. I just got fucked into the mattress by the stallion in the sheets that I married after a delicious meal in a warm house.

If you were here I’d give you a hug and talk it out, but alas you’re just a fuckload of sad messages.

Its okay to be afraid, but you’re strong enough to choose a better life

You’re my hero. I am just in constant awe of your grace and maturity and inner and outer beauty. 


i’m just another gay witch for abortion plotting world domination and the sexual destruction of mankind in my lair

This. Is. Just. EVERYTHING. 


i’m just another gay witch for abortion plotting world domination and the sexual destruction of mankind in my lair

This. Is. Just. EVERYTHING

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Couple of my favorite moments from the Absolutely Fabulous Christmas special. I want to be Eddie when I grow up. 

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Cats = dogs.

Cats = dogs.

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We had a class lecture on heavy metal music, and they showed us a clip from Heavy Metal, from the final segment with Taarna. I had nearly forgotten about how back in high school it was my dearest dream to emulate her platinum white hair and lavender bangs. This was back before anybody was really walking around with pastel hair, so sadly it was naught but a dream. Adding it back to the bucket list. 

Always reblog Selena gifs!

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Mary Richards is the best. The GREATEST. One day I will go to Minneapolis and toss my knit hat into the air. 

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