Avoiding spoilers on tumblr


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Bless the internet ♥

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do u ever associate someone with their icon so much that you just assume that they’re the same gender as their icon or something and then they post a selfie and ur like wait you’re not thomas the tank engine

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this is the worst “cbb-ism” to infiltrate my every day language. i have a very hard time not busting into a barenaked ladies style “it’s been” every time someone says those words in conversation.

This fucking joke has ruined my life.

I’m finally starting to move on, to “Iiiiiiiiiiit’s been awhile” a la Live. It’s maybe a slight improvement? But only just.


Oh, whoops.


Oh, whoops.

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"I already saw that on Tumblr."

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these kids these days don’t know our struggle


these kids these days don’t know our struggle

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Man, I wish this show had existed in the age of Tumblr and the time of gorgeous image/GIF sets. That and Carnivale!

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Zack and Lisa from Saved by the Bell.

I have in rapid succession burned through the entire run of Go Bayside!, a podcast devoted to an episode-by-episode breakdown of Saved By the Bell. I can’t WAIT to get up to this episode. I have my titillated “wooooooo”s ready!

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