[aggressively not giving a fuck about your *~*weight loss journey*~*]

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"Now i’m no feminist" Really though, independent female director whose movie I Kickstarted???

Come onnnnnnnn! I realize I can’t expect everyone’s heart to bleed for intersectional feminism like mine for a diverse number of reasons, but this kind of thing always hits me in the gut. Boo-urns. 


"is ur freedom ringing?"

"better answer it"


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How much of my savings/tax refund can I spend on fashion???

Not all of it, I guess (╯3╰)ノ

Edit: I say that, but technically I already paid for my fall tuition and most of my books tonight so it’s not like I’m pissing everything away. But I also knew I was paying that shit to get it out of the way early…Everything I spend from now on out of what I’ve saved will probably turn into loans later so I really need to be mature about this shit. 


sometimes i dont want my fat body to be a political statement i just want it to be a normal body that ppl ignore

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famous straight couples who don’t get married ‘until their gay and lesbian brothers and sisters can do the same’


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Leave nothing but ash and bone


Leave nothing but ash and bone

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It really pisses me off how fighting for being treated like a human being is now labelled as ‘social justice’ like it’s some optional clique you can just join rather than it being a struggle you have to fight daily.

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“trans-exclusionary imperialist white feminism is just as bad as the patriarchy”

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